Gasoline prices in Germany

A Shell Gas Station in Germany

Gasoline Unleaded

1.84 € per litre 6.98 € per gallon


1.64 € per litre 6.21 € per gallon

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Refueling in Germany is a crazy thing and often reminds a bit of gambling. While in other countries of the world the prices for gasoline and diesel change only every few days or even weeks, they often change several times a day at German gas stations. Price jumps of 20 cents per liter are unfortunately not uncommon. Unfortunately, there is no recommendation at which times and at which gas stations you can refuel particularly cheap, but you should try to avoid the following: Refueling on highways, refueling during rush hours (rush hour in the morning between 7 and 9 am and in the evening between 4 and 6 pm). Experience also shows that gas stations that are not operated by major brands are somewhat cheaper.

In Germany, service stations are required to report their prices in real time to a government reporting office. The real-time prices can then be accessed via a variety of apps or websites, so you know what prices to expect before you even drive to the gas station.