About the project Prices-Germany.com

In 2007, I first had the idea for an Internet portal on which one could report the current prices of classic groceries (milk, eggs, flour, sugar, etc.) and things for everyday use (toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, etc.). The aim of the Internet portal was to provide a meaningful price index and also to show the price trends of individual products.

At that time, however, prices in Germany were relatively stable and thus hardly anybody was interested in their development. Therefore, I did not pursue my idea any further, but focused exclusively on the prices of gasoline and diesel at German gas stations, since these were already very high at that time and were also subject to strong fluctuations. Thus, in 2008, the Internet portal Benzinpreis-Aktuell.de went online, where you can check the fuel prices of over 14000 German gas stations in real time.

Today, some 16 years later, I am annoyed that I did not implement my idea of recording food prices. As a result of the world's crises, the prices of groceries and other consumer goods in Germany have also risen significantly and are volatile. The inflation rate in Germany was around 8% in 2022, with no significant improvement expected. Particularly the prices for energy (electricity & fossil fuels) have risen massively - this of course affects the production and logistics of the individual products. In addition, not all international supply chains have been completely restored after the Covid pandemic, while the economic sanctions against Russia are also having an impact on oil and gas prices in Germany.

Even if prices for many popular products are currently falling again, it must be noted that they nevertheless remain at a rather high level. After all, in the past year (2022), they have partly reached tremendous heights and broken many records. Certain basic items have turned into luxury goods.

This website aims to fix and evaluate the current prices in Germany and share them with the world. In addition, we are constantly striving to also determine historical prices and make them available on this portal. The aim remains the creation of price curves, which document the price developments of different products. Please note: The portal went live in June 2023, therefore there are currently only a few products in the database. But be sure: we are working and growing, growing and working....